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Facilities Management is a dynamic field that's constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of today's businesses. Staying informed and efficient is crucial to achieving and maintaining a successful career in FM. Live training and coaching provide the knowledge and support you need, from anywhere in the world, on your schedule.




Address your unique professional challenges with individualised training on your schedule. We'll work together to assess your needs and create an FM Development Plan that provides actionable solutions. Take control of your success and that of your team to drive results with an engaging and inspiring Live FM Training programme.

Accessible and Convenient

Receive quality FM instruction no matter where you live or work. Limited free time? Get training on your schedule. Allow your FM team to learn in the way most comfortable to them, or gather your geographically-dispersed members together for group training. Save on travel costs by bring a leading FM instructor right to your desks 

Individual and Team Training

Improve your own performance and confidence, turn your weakest player into your strongest asset, or grow together as a team. Our Live Online Training is open to both teams and individuals who are ready to eliminate roadblocks, advance their careers, and demonstrate the true value of facilities management.


Leadership Support

FM Coaching from FM Online Courses provides personal support for individuals and leaders who want to facilitate their own success or that of their team. Your highly-qualified FM Coach will help you overcome your unique obstacles, set goals, and develop plans to accomplish them. Be emboldened to take advantage of opportunities and realise the potential of your position

Team Support

As a leader, you strive to help your team perform at their best. Quip your members with the knowledge and skills they need, as well as personalised support from a leading FM expert to help them apply those skills in day-to-day activities, address weakness that inhibit growth and success, and sustain learning as they work together towards their objectives.

Sustained Improvement

Training is only valuable as the improvement you sustain when the training is over. FM Coaching helps you and your team retain those performance improvements and make habits out of applying new concepts in your everyday strategies. Uncover your potential as an individual leader, or team in a confidential environment where your FM Coach can guide you through your unique challenges.

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