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This course is intended for FM practitioners who need to plan, prepare and propose FM budgets for senior management approval and for those who are preparing, to be equipped with the knowledge and skills, to take on that role.


Are you feeling frustrated that:

  • FM budgets are being allocated with the leftover of fundings because FM is being considered as a cost centre, a money spending function?
  • The proposed FM budget is being cut or reduced?
  • Preparing estimates for FM activities are difficult and time-consuming?
  • There is no systematic guide throughout the phases of FM budgeting cycle?


The "Budgeting for FM Workplan" online course is developed to overcome the above frustrations.

Budgeting for Facilities Management Workplan

  • This is a 50 min video course to equip you with the:

    • 5-Steps FM Budgeting Planning Cycle;
    • 5-Steps FM Budget Presentation Strategy;
    • Negotiation strategy to justify and win the fundings needed for the FM Workplan.


    The course is comprised of 6 modules and in each module, it is organised into a few short sessions to enable easy digestion of the learning. The "Budgeting for FM Workplan" online course provides the essential knowledge and skills, intended to accelerate your performance and career in the field of FM.

  • Congratulation on completing your video course learning.

    To obtain a certificate of completion, please click here for the online assessment. 

    Once you have passed the online assessment, the certificate of completion will be emailed to you with 3 working days.

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