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Decision-Making is about making a choice, about selecting an option among the available alternative options, a final step in problem-solving.


Especially in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, FMs are expected to add business advantage to their organisations by enabling the premises, built-facilities and support services to best accommodate and facilitate the business operations. 


The decisions that FMs have to make are often relating to selection for:

  • The optimal solution for a facilities problem;
  • Best value-add facilities improvement initiative;
  • New facilities systems and equipment;
  • Economical maintenance programmes in sustaining the facilities to operate at their peak performance;
  • Contractors and vendors, for the award of tenders, service contractors and facilities work.


“Decision-Making for FM” is intended to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills so that you can be confident in making effective decision. In this course, you will learn:

  • The Decision-Making process;
  • The non-financial and financial approach in evaluating the available options;
  • The systematic approach on how to make the optimum choice, from alternatives that are intended to achieve the expected set objectives, to increase workplace productivity, improve workplace quality and to avoid or minimise risk.


The ability to make sound and timely decisions separate a leader from a non-leader. FM managers and leaders who are competent in making decisions are well sought to deliver a competitive advantage to organisations, especially today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.


Decision Making in Facilities Management

  • This is a 45 min video course that is divided into 3 short videos to guide you through the Decision Making Process and the non-financial and financial approach in evaluating the available options.

    • Scoring Methodologies;
    • Opportunities Ranking Matrix
    • Life Cycle Costing

    Also how to prepare financial feasibility analysis to win fund for your proposal. 

  • Congratulation on completing your video course learning.

    To obtain a certificate of completion, please click here for the online assessment. 

    Once you have passed the online assessment, the certificate of completion will be emailed to you with 3 working days.

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