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Developing and managing an effective FM-SLA requires a thorough understanding of your organization's operations, facilities services, and requirements. This guide helps you achieve this by providing a comprehensive overview of the various stages of FM-SLA development, including context, the scope of service, service specifications, service tracking and reporting, key performance indicators, periodic review, change process, and conflict management.

The real gem of this guide is the checklist created for you to reference when establishing your FM-SLA. It serves as a starting point to ensure you have covered all the essential components of your agreement. In addition, it provides a structured approach for contextualizing the requirements of your organization's FM-SLA. This living document will be a valuable tool to facilitate communication, manage expectations, improve service delivery, foster collaboration, and achieve service standards that matter to you and your workplace. By following this guide and leveraging our checklist, you can develop and manage an FM-SLA that adds value to your organization's operations and contributes to an effective and enjoyable workplace environment.

Facilities Management Service Level Agreement

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