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This course will chart the activities in each phase of the facilities project management and how should the role of facilities management perform the role as a Facilities Project Manager, for the internal organisation, and as a Client Representative for the Project Team for the facilities project throughout the project life cycle.


Are you frustrated with attending courses on project management that are not quite relevant to managing facilities project?


You wanted to accelerate your learning as a facilities project manager but could not find a system that really guides in managing facilities project?


Are you looking for a course that will let you tap on the experience of a seasoned practitioner so that you can avoid the pitfalls and manage facilities project confidently?


The aim of this course development is to provide you with the confidence in anticipating the project activities so that you can take charge, as the Facilities Project Manager and as the Client Representative, to monitor and control the project activities to achieve project success.

Managing Facilities Project

  • This is an 84 min video course that is divided into 6 short videos to walk you through the Project Life Cycle and equip you with tools such as:

    • Work Breakdown Structure;
    • Project Risk Management.

    Also the sharing with you the 5 KEY PRINCIPLES of Facilities Project Management and the Facilities Project SUCCESS FORMULA.

  • Congratulation on completing your video course learning.

    To obtain a certificate of completion, please click here for the online assessment. 

    Once you have passed the online assessment, the certificate of completion will be emailed to you with 3 working days.

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