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This video course is designed and developed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be confident in solving problems in FM. It emphasises on how to


  • Adopt Systems thinking for a holistic approach in examining the interconnection and interaction between the components (equipment) that make up the defined system;
  • Define a problem that focuses on the real problem and not on its signs, to eliminate the root cause of a problem, which means saving time, cost and resources;
  • Develop the solutions by churning ideas into possible solutions for problems;
  • Apply techniques in promoting and creating solution options for a problem; and
  • Adopt the key success factors for effective problem-solving


There will be practical application examples on how to go about solving facilities services problems using the different techniques to analyse a problem and generate options that meet the desired outcome for the solution.


By equipping yourself with this essential problem-solving skill will enhance your leadership and enrich your career in FM. It is a professional skill and career development that you will want to invest in.

Problem-solving in Facilities Management

  • This is a 54 min video course that is divided into 4 short videos to guide you through Problem-Solving for FM and equip you with tools such as:

    • System Thinking;
    • 5W & 1H; Control Chart, Cause & Effect Diagram
    • Disney Method of brainstorming

    Also the sharing with you the 5 Avoidance in Problem-solving for Facilities Management and 7 Key SUCCESS FORMULA.

  • Congratulation on completing your video course learning.

    To obtain a certificate of completion, please click here for the online assessment. 

    Once you have passed the online assessment, the certificate of completion will be emailed to you with 3 working days.

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