What is Facilities Management? The Practice in Today's Dynamic Business Envt

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This course "What is Facilities Management All About" teaches the steps that can help you take decisive steps towards creating clarity and direction in FM. There is something in this course for both seasoned and new FM practitioners as both face the same problem - their function is often viewed as non-strategic, a support role, and a cost centre.


This course will help you to not just practice FM in the right way, but also to be knowledgeable enough, to position your functions as a strategic resource to the organisation. It offers practical strategies in advancing toward today's in-demand FM services and in advancing your career in the field of FM.


This course guides you to tackle the challenges facing FM in a ground-up approach. It gets you to be aligned with FM identity and proceeds to outline ways in which you can make FM a value centre instead of a cost centre.

Module 1: The Purpose of FM

Module 2: Why FM Should be a Strategic Function

Module 3: Why FM is NOT a Cost Centre

Module 4: Get Started

  • 4 Video Clips (slightly over an hour)
  • 51 pages of Presentation Slides
  • 7 pages of Learning Actions

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