What is Facilities Management All About?

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This book teaches Facilities Management (FM) practitioners the steps that can help them take decisive steps towards creating clarity and direction in FM. There is something in this book for both seasoned and new FM practitioners as both face the same problem - their function is viewed as non-strategic, a support role, and a cost centre.


As a result of that, many FM practitioners are out of synch with the core business activities of their different organizations and are not fulfilled in their roles. To help them out of their misery, the author shares professional pieces of timely advice to help FM practitioners to not just practice FM the right way, but to also be knowledgeable enough to position their functions as a strategic one.


The book bridges the gap between what is desired in FM and what the reader already knows in a deliberate attempt at offering solutions that cut across the industry. "What is Facilities Management All About?" tackles the challenges facing FM in a ground-up approach.


First, the book seeks to get readers to be aligned with FM identity and proceeds to outline ways in which practitioners can make FM a value centre instead of a cost centre or a profit centre. At the end of the book, readers will be more informed about the identity of FM, the mission of FM, and the core responsibilities of FM.


With this knowledge, they can be in a better position to relate their function to top executives in their organization so as to elevate it to a strategic one. Hence, the book is a must-read for both new and seasoned FM practitioners.

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